Alternative Energy In The News

About this site

Among the various In The News sister sites there's a lot of coverage of the environment and alternative energy. However, we took the decision to split up the subject of Alternative Energy because it's so huge.
   Already big subtopics we cover include Bio Diesel, Wind Power and Solar Energy. So that leaves Nuclear Energy which isn't renewable and the problems allied with disposing of nuclear waste are incredible, but it could help fill an energy gap for 50 years or so, as long as we deal with the waste properly.
   Then there are other sources of energy such as Wave Power and Geothermal energy. Geothermal power is very common in places like Iceland, but it can actually be used in any average home to help cool or heat it. Wave power is also coming on in leaps and bounds, and with the amount of energy in the ocean we should be reading a lot more about it.

   Then there are some very promising new technologies such as the Stirling Engine. Well, the invention isn't new (it's actually over 100 years old), but the applications are very new. Instead of heating water in a steam engine to create electricity, some large solar arrays are heating Stirling Engines, which are much more efficient at electricity generation.And, of course, there's been hydro-electric power for some time now.
   There are the other possibilities such as the often quoted 'Hydrogen Economy', and then there are the far-out-ideas such as 'zero point' energy and so on. While only very basic theories or early stage planning right now, maybe something will come out of one or more of them to usher in a new age of totally clean power. Whatever the Alternative Energy, you'll read about it here.

- Robin Nixon